living the vintage life

I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a romantic, old fashioned in family values and morals, yet with a modern twist , and have always had a thing about glamorous movie stars of the past such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn,and over the last couple of years my love for all things “old” “vintage” “shabby chic” and Granny chic” has grown,living  in a country where many are suffering financially, in an over stressful, overwhelming world of fast technology,many of us seem to have gone back to a post wartime “make do and mend” philosophy with a newfound love of all things handmade again, with the likes of Kirsty Allsopp and co. Crafting, homemade, up-cycling has definitely come back in fashion, and it is easy to fall in love with, the thought that old things need no longer be thrown away, in this once throw away society, we again now cherish precious items from past eras, we can do handmade heartfelt gifts at Christmas, and walk in the clothes without feeling we are going to a fancy dress party, and I love it, over the last couple of years I have started a fabulous collection of vintage style dresses from the 40s and 50s eras particularly, I wear them as often as I can, and I love how wearing them makes me feel glamourous, dressed up and it really feels like I have found me, I have now got the  freedom and confidence to dress how I want  to be, as well as the clothes, my love of vintage has given me a fascination and interest in all things from the past, vintage fairs, afternoon tea and cake, teacups, and I paint and design images and greeting cards inspired by vintage greetings cards, illustrations and advertisements of the past, perhaps it appeals to me because it slows me down and it makes me appreciate things, I enjoy the quiet pastimes of painting, reading a good old book, enjoying a good old cup of tea, sometimes I wish I could live in a past era, but even I know all eras were hard in some way, we just see it through rose tinted spectacles, our own Romanticized version of a past where things were simpler, slower,so for now just sometimes I can escape this hard modern world and imagine myself somewhere else …….. whether it be a Downton Abbey style soiree, a 1920s dance, or a 1950s tea room.


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