My Dyslexic brain

NUMBERS … all my life I have struggled with numbers, even counting small amounts of change , remembering dates etc, it was all a bit of a mystery to me, I spent most of my childhood battling through school with maths, leaving school with a failed Maths GCSE  and a tricky relationship with numbers ever since, I never really worried too much, as I excelled in English. Drama and Art, and Maths did not really need to feature too highly in my “creative” life. Until whilst doing my Drama degree at University I decided to go to the Dyslexia assessment centre, to be tested for Dyslexia, as growing up most people assumed Dyslexia was a learning difficulty associated with struggles in Reading and writing and spelling, however over the years I began to discover that there are many different types of Dyslexia, after going through some tests, the results came that yes I was Dyslexic, in particular numerically, I now knew why I had such difficulties in my life, not just with numbers but with many other things as well.

I am terribly unorganised, find organisation difficult, I find mess overwhelming, just where do I start? I must lose my keys and phone at least ten times a day, my short term memory is non existent, yet my long term is detailed and visual, I could tell you exactly what I did in detail when I was two, but ask me to recall something I was told five minutes ago and I will struggle to recall, especially if there has been any distractions during a conversation, ask me to get something from upstairs and I will have forgotten before I am even up there. I can not multi task ( a skill many can do with ease) and I still can’t count my change when shopping , I am likely to have to turf my whole handbag out in the middle of the shop to find my purse or debit card, and I often turn up at the Doctors on the wrong day at the wrong time. My coordination is terrible, I struggle to catch a ball, zips often baffle me and still now as a mum of three Duvet cover changing is a battle, which I conquer eventually but not without sweat and tears, thank goodness that my family help me reminding me of things and my mum still helps me to organise things such as cupboards and my very messy tangled sewing kit.

Every Christmas I say “this year I am going to be more organised” I buy a pretty diary, and wall calender determined to write everything down and check things in advance, but every year I fail to do so, have often misplaced my diary by February and I am constantly writing  reminders and lists which I inevitably lose.

Still I am used to it, I’m slightly eccentric,arty, creative waffling me, but I’m me and I will never change and now at 33 Im happy being me.


2 thoughts on “My Dyslexic brain

  1. We share amazingly common thinking patterns although I’m your Step Father and therefore with no biological inherited connection. You have described my life to a T, the only elements I have to add are that I have hardly any visual memory including faces which make life very difficult when talking to someone who assumes I recognise them and I am frantically listening for verbal clues as to who they are, once the connection is made it all falls into place and I can relax and realise that I know them quite well! It also makes life difficult when having conversations about films, because I have difficulty re running the pictures, or carrying images and colours that that you are trying to match up when shopping! I have trained myself over the years to have some kind of visual recollection, but it is very fractured. I drive thousands of miles a year but even on roads that I have travelled hundreds of times I can rarely visualise the route in advance, but it becomes familiar as it unfolds in front of me as I drive a long it!


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