I like big pants and I cannot lie

Whilst browsing on the internet today for some new underwear (knickers) I was surprised how much I struggled to find what I was looking for,just how hard can it be to get decent big pants nowadays? A” full”Brief not a “mini” brief, “thong”or “french” knickers,I do not want frills, itchy lace and fuss, I just want comfy full on tummy hugging bottom loving  pants not tummy squashing spanks that squeeze your tummy in so much that you constantly need a wee, and can’t eat without feeling as though you are going to burst, I do not want pants that get wedged up my bottom, that itch me constantly that fall down or rub my hips, or aggravate piles, I do not want shorts or “no vpls”or” microfibre mini mini” briefs ,and I certainly do not want” brazillians”, I just want cotton no fuss big pants!!! I Feel I may have to resort to old lady pants from the pound shop …..aaaagh, it is a good job my husband loves me whatever I wear.


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