SOCKS! Practical necessities for ones feet, warmth and comfort,and I do love a nice sock, yet socks in our house actually remaining as pairs of lovely socks,for any time at all,  is a rare thing indeed, no matter how many new pairs of socks we buy, however much I sort them out,even when I buy the easiest of pairs, practical black or grey, they always go missing and we end up with non left, we are a family of five, three pairs of little feet, and two pairs of big feet, school socks, work socks weekend socks, it’s a lot of socks! and so many that we have bought and Lost over the,years.

I do all of the clothes washing and find it unbelievable that from drawer, to feet, to wash basket,to washing machine, to radiater, to drawer again, we end up with so little actual matching pairs left, just a large pile of random odd socks, that when bellowing  the words “find some socks” to the children ten minutes before leaving the house becomes like a treasure hunt, a mystery game, with only odd socks as the prize, my husband won’t even wear pairs of new socks that have been bought for Christmas etc for the fear of them becoming lost, of ending their life in the random ever growing, odd sock pile. Whatever happens to them, where are they all, is there some little pixies that come and take them away? They surely can’t just vanish? ……


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