The election

With the election looming its hard to avoid the who to vote for question?and it can be overwhelming, I can’t give you that answer, we all have our own opinions and we all have the right to choose, for our own personal reasons, but I did want to just write how important it is to vote whatever your opinions and beliefs, nothing will change unless you vote on the day, as a woman we know how hard women fought for us to vote, we need to do it for our daughters and our daughter’s daughter’s, I know it’s confusing all these policies, and false promises. It is hard to have faith in any of the potential policies and leaders, but I do know who and what I don’t want, I do know we need change, I do know that we can’t continue with the poverty, homelessness and housing crisis that effects so many of us, the struggle to survive, to eat, to live, I worry about how the world will be when my three children grow up, but I do hope it will be better, better than it is now, we all owe it to the future generation to try and make a difference, if you don’t like any of the policies vote for who and what you hate the least, don’t throw that ballot paper away, because on the 8th May maybe we will wake up to change and hope for a better future.


One thought on “The election

  1. As free people, men AND women, we ALL need to vote. Suffragettes died for women to have the right to vote. Millions of people died in wars to give us all the freedom & right to vote. Don’t waste it.

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