Painting as Therapy

  • IMG_20150427_204731I started painting again a while ago as a way of destressing, of finding the creative me again as something to do whilst I now have more time in the day to myself, I have always been creative and did well at art in school etc but for a while I had run out of ideas had lost the creative flow, the joy and passion in art that I once had life had got inthe way and I had neither the time nor the means to do it . I am practicing at the moment with acrylic, watercolours, pen drawings,card designs and wooden plaques and hearts in the hope that one day I may make a bit of pin money selling a few at craft fairs etc, I love all things vintage, shabby chic and English afternoon tea related as well as birds and flowers these are the things I am painting and drawing, it is great finding images of inspiration around me and from pinterest, and it certainly relaxes me as I do it I don’t know if I am good enough I probably won’t find my paintings hung in an art gallery one day but it gives me pleasure to give my art as gifts to people at the moment and to find purpose and pleasure in my free time when I am not being Mummy.

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