884181961598709Today is mine and my husband’s ninth wedding anniversary, the time has gone so quickly and yet seems so long ago three children and lots more grey hairs ago yet each year that goes by I feel that our marriage gets stronger and we work better and better as a partnership.

A year or so ago Adam and I did the marriage Course which was a six week course at a nearby church, it was wonderful because we very rarely get nights out together and it was set up with tables where we were given lovely desserts and watched talks on different subjects to do with marriage, we had to do a workbook and discussed the topics, it was such a special time as it strengthened what we knew was already  a great Marriage, the best bit was that in between the course evenings we had to make time for each other  called “marriage”  time where we completely take time out of our busy schedules to just be together,and talk, and since the course we have tried to keep this up. As it is so hard to find time to be together every week without children, and often other things get in the way, we often just have Saturday nights in at home, but today my husband had the day off work and we went to town and had brunch and coffee and wandered, it was lovely.

I think the secret to our great marriage is that we always laugh,no matter what  My  husband is my best friend, my rock, my soul mate, we trust each other completely and have learnt to always communicate effectively no matter what and to be a consistent and agreeable when it comes to family matters, rules and values.

We go through some hard times and struggles and it isn’t always easy but with that our love deepens, and I look forward to the next nine years and more together.


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