Children growing up

I have felt so ill today with tonsilitus,but for the first time ever the children have all undersood,behaved well,helped me out and allowed me to rest, it is a sign that they are growing and some days like these feel easier for the first time, Sometimes it feels sad to think of my three no longer being babies,that even my youngest will be five this week, but I also look positively upon it,they are all easier in so many ways. I can sit and chat with friends in the park knowing that they are all ok and will play safely together. My eldest now makes her own school packed lunch and will get drinks by herself, and sometimes just sometimes they play so nicely together in role play games and with baby dolls and it is so lovely to see and long may it continue as they grow, though I am sure that when they do start doing more and more for themselves I will start to feel quite redundant, so I cherish these days however hard they may seem at the time and the days and years go so quickly and soon will become a distant memory. For now I feel blessed for my wonderful children and husband, for holidays and freedom and the innocence of childhood.


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