I am sat with my children writing this, feeling very tired as the children woke at five thirty this morning to hunt for their eggs, it is going to be a loooong day. I do really enjoy Easter though, it is so much more relaxing than christmas, we don’t go too overboard on the eggs or chocolate and it really does feel like a nice family day, also for me it is a day of reflection, the true start of spring, of new life, light nights and longer days.

I am more of a winter person but since being a Mum I look forward to the freedom and excitement and exploration of Spring and Summer for the children, of parks and picnics and of doing more and days out together. We will start today with a family walk and a trip to our local playground. Today I feel blessed to have such a lovely family, in a weeks time my youngest will be five, it feels like a new chapter beginning, they will all be over five and are all at school, no longer babies, growing and developing more and more each day, I cherish these moments, these innocent magical Easters of bunnies,chocolate hunts and the excitement. I hope that you all have a lovely Easter …God bless.


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