journeys with kids

I don’t have to travel too often with my three children thankfully but when I do I know from experience how stressful it can be,from buses, to cars,to trains and even just the walk to and from school, it can be so draining and sometimes I wonder if I will survive them. The first time we took my daughter Poppy on a train to my mums house one Christmas she did the worst nappy explosion I have ever seen and I had to carry her to the tiny toilet and try and change her and clean her up in the most bumpy and jam packed journeys, which also resulted in someone sitting on our buggy and bending it, I hoped after that things would get easier, unfortunately not, the first long car journey with Poppy she must have cried the whole way there and didn’t even fall asleep like I expected. and then when we went from one baby to a toddler and a baby and then young child toddler and baby our long journeys became as infrequent as possible,though not easy when your parents live far away.

There’s the ridiculous amount of things you have to take and carry whilst having to hold three young children and their things and your own things, first there’s the waiting and then rushing onto the train which you’ve inevitably got on at the wrong end  of and  have to hit people in the face with your luggage whilst apologising and hoping that you will find your “reserved” seats are empty and not double booked by some grumpy people that refuse to let you sit there,and then you finally squeeze through the aisle  and can sit down with baby and toddler squished on knee whilst trying to entertain older toddler and all in a manner which doesn’t cause too much attention from other passengers and God help you if you’ve somehow been put in the “quiet” coach, and then you have to practically complete an assault course to take your child to the toilet which is bound to happen after giving them endless boxes of raisins and exciting juice cartons to keep them as quiet as you possibly can. and after all that you have to “change” trains.

Car journeys are slightly less stressful and are becoming a little easier now the children are all school aged, but still I usually dread them, this Easter hols however has probably been the,easiest journey we have had, Yes we had to have the Windows fully open to let in freezing wind so that my youngest boy didn’t feel sick and I counted the words “are we there yet” at least one hundred times but all in all it was pretty smooth going,and as I sit here in my Mums country house and write this whilst the grandparents have taken the kids swimming, it is all definitely worth it. Now for a read of my Mums pile of country living magazines and a listen to the birds outside….heavenly.


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