Mother’s Day

IMG_20150405_105746As I am writing this I am feeling lucky looking at all my lovely homemade and bought gifts and cards thanks to my beautiful children and fabulous husband, I have had my usual toast and coffee in bed and a lie in and I do love how all Mother’s day mornings start this way,but although I always hope it will be a perfect day,and that my children will be angels and we will all really enjoy our special family day together,it never quite works out that way,nothing changes my three are their usual bickering selves, and Sunday must go on in its inevitable hectic way.

We do manage to slot in a bike ride,park trip,Grandma visit and an at home afternoon tea,whilst trying to incorporate, childrens showers,homework,and getting the house vaguely back to normal in time for the working/school week.Us Mums cant quite have the day off as Imagined, things must still be done and bickering will still happen,we are normal after all.

I do love Mothering Sunday however as it is a day reflection,celebration,daffodils, early signs of spring and giving thanks for every year that I have been a Mother,how much my children have grown over the years,and how grateful I am for my own Mother and my Grandmother before her,for without them there would be no me or my children.

It reminds me how fantastic us women are, I think of my friends,of all the Mothers I know and I do hope they are being treated today and loved and cared for as they deserve. I also think of the people who find days such as this difficult,those that may have lost a Mother or a child,or those that may long to be a Mother and aren’t able to be.May I feel blessed and remember how precious and wonderful being a Mother is however difficult and stressful it can be at times,but that my love for my children grows more and more each day as they grow and I Learn from them and grow with them as a person and as a Mother,I don’t need an annual “Mothers day”to have presents and cards and thanks but it is nice to have a day to celebrate us as we Mummy’s are great.Bens present to me today said ” Mums are all heart and smiles” and I do try my very best to be. Happy Mothers day.


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