Decluttering and finding me

IMG_20150308_195808My husband and I have spent the last two days Super sorting the house, as even though I am pretty ruthless we still seem to accumulate things and have cupboards and drawers full of random clutter and the children have so many toys and collections and “stuff” that they rarely bother with and have quite frankly forgotten existed.

I am constantly decluttering but after reading a book about the minimalist life I wanted to do a super throwing out session. it has all been such a positive experience for ones mind , it feels so refreshing moving things around and has made our home feel interesting again, and the best part for me has been that I now have a creative workspace, a desk by a window and I sit there as I write this, it is bliss and it gives me a focusing space, a place for me, a place to sit and think and paint and write, for this year is the year of the creative me as I once was creative but I had got lost somewhere amongst the nappies,the kids and the chaos, and the being “Mummy”but suddenly now I have all three children at school and for the first time I have some time, peace and quiet and I am getting to know me again for I am still and always will be “Mummy” but for a few precious hours in the day I can be Amelia again.


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