There never seems to be enough time in the day or week to get everything done,I start each week and each day with things I am going to do and rarely achieve it making me feel permanently like I have failed.Some days I am full of energy and can clean and tidy the house from top to bottom and other days I sit and look at all the things all around me and I feel overwhelmed , lost in a sea of never ending tasks. I have no idea where to start and what to do with it which transports me right back to my childhood when my Mum would ask me to tidy my room and I would sit there staring all around and just wanting to cry.

As a stay at home Mum of three I feel like this all of the time like Cinderella never making it to the ball and I wonder if I will ever have a day where nothing needs to be done,no hoovering no dusting,no washing and putting away of clothes, where everything is where it should be and I can relax and read or paint or write without this sense of dread and guilt that I should be doing some household task instead,that if I don’t that I haven’t been a perfect stay at home mum,but that day very rarely comes and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve it all anyway,so I have two choices to work all day and run around like a headless chicken cleaning and putting away whilst baking healthy meals and snacks in the process and doing it all whilst humming happily like snowwhite with bluebirds for company ,or I choose to let chaos happen around me clean up when really needed to,set myself two achievable goals a day such as “today I will Hoover and clean the bathroom” and then I can sit and drink tea and read or paint and be me. For yes I have chosen to be a stay at home Mum but I am not and never will be a Disney character and all I can do is my best.


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