Social media and technology

As much as I think the invention of the internet has been great for so many things and for family life, easier for homework purposes, for research, for educational websites,it also causes so many problems, all three of my children aged 8, 6 and 4 own kindles and fabulous though they maybe for educational apps and books,it is so difficult to ever get them off the things, they are constantly wanting to download ridiculous games with in app purchasing and quite frankly my husband and I often wish they hadn’t been invented.

My husband and I can be just as bad, constantly on our phones and kindles on addictive jewel/candy games or browsing our ever extending Amazon wishlist of things we can never afford to buy and decorating our imaginary dream houses with pinterest items or comparing our less than perfect lives with people’s seemingly perfect lives on facebook.

why is it that as parents and families we now feel the constant need to post pictures of us and our children baking,going on perfect family days out and even posting photographs of what we had for tea. I am guilty of this though I often think it is doing me more harm than good this urge to check out what people have been doing, the constant feeling that must post pictures of our every move,though often it is not as it seems,underneath we aren’t a perfect family and I am sure most of my facebook friends aren’t either.

This is why I have given up facebook for lent and am cutting down on my use of technology and I am urging my children to do the same.To play with toys,to play together,to do more as a family as often the best days and moments are the ones we don’t photograph,but that are forever imprinted on our thoughts and minds and that is far more precious indeed.


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